Uttar Pradesh

In UP, we are authorized by Union Bank RO Azamgarh on 070114, Union Bank RO Gorakhpur on 020913, PNB CO Faizabad on 300719, SBI ZO Bareilly on 120212, Bank of India ZO Kanpur on 111011, Central Bank ZO Lucknow on 120811, Canara Bank CO Meerut on 220910, Union Bank RO Agra on 161109.
In UP, we had served RRBs, New India Assurance, Allahabad Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharshtra, J and K bank, OBC, PSB, PNB, SBI, Syndicate Bank, Union Bank, United Bank, Vijaya Bank.

Our work in Agra district includes All branches of Oreintal Bank in Aug Sept month of 2018, PNB Kamla nagar Agra 8171989325 on 260718, PNB daresi no 2 Agra 8171989314 on 29.11.17, Bank of Maharshtra Deori road Agra 70548-11318 on 23.11.17, all branches of Allahabad bank in March 2017, all Syndicate bank branches in June July 2016, PNB RCC Agra on 01.02.14 0562-2855831.

Our work in Aligarh district includes All branches of Oreintal Bank in Aug Sept month of 2018, Central bank Kher 88595-01976 on 04.05.18, SBI Medical college Aligarh 0571-2700398 on 21.12.17, all branches of Allahabad bank in March 2017, PNB Godha 89369-30182 on 12.08.16.

Our work in Allahabad district includes SBI Triveni chowk Allahabad 9648967748 on 081218, State Bank of Patiala sulakhi chowraha Allahabad 80049-45229 on 04.08.14, State bank of Patiala Degree college Allahabad 7525913315 on 28.07.14, BO PNB Mukundpur on 16.12.13 99847-27230,

Our work in Ambedkar nagar district includes PNB Gadwal chauraha 95998-19207 on 24.09.16, SBI Naghara 87958-33637 on 02.04.15.

Our work in Azamgarh district includes Oriental bank Azamgarh 88530-99060 on 30.12.14, all the Union Bank branches come under Regional office Azamgarh during january and febrauary 2014,

Our work in Badaun district includes PNB Sarafa Bazar Badaun 8171710342 on 11.06.18, PNB Wazirganj 8171710406 on 29.12.17, all branches of PNB in march 2017, PNB Rudian 94100-21986 on 23.09.16.

Union Bank branches under Mau district in Oct.-Nov.2013,

Our work in Barabanki district includes Bank of india Mahadewa 05240-235056 on 21.08.14.

Our work in Bareilly district includes United Bank Bareilly 74072-54771 on 19.12.17, all branches of PNB in march 2017, SBI RBO4 Bareilly 98973-24138 on 19.11.16, PNB Izzat nagar Bareilly 8171710232 on 08.07.16, PNB Civil lines bareilly 8171710209 on 06.05.16, Punjab and Sind Bank Model town Bareilly 0581-2533788 on 24.12.14.

Our work in basti district includes PNB Basti 7388702212 on 05.05.16.

Our work in Bharaich district includes PNB Hira singh market Bharaich 91635-49111 on 21.12.16, PNB Bhinga 7388702219 on 12.02.15.

Our work in Bulandshahr district includes PNB sanautha 81711-13738 on 21.05.18, PNB Civil lines Bulanddshahr 7060551011 on 01.06.15, SBI Siana 81710-12280 on 20.02.15.

Our work in Bulabdshahr district includes PNB Amarpur Bulandshahr 8171113356 on 13.06.15, Allahabad bank Bulandshahr 94126-10538 on 04.08.14.

Our work in Chandauli district includes SBI ADB Chakia 8795836390 on 170918, SBI Chakia 8795830177 on 300718.

Our work in Deoria district includes PNB Kalhla 7897411651 on 010319, PNB Deoria 7607001577 on 16.03.17.

Our work in Etawah district includes PNB Sabatganj Etawah 9411914818 on 100718.

Our work in Faizabad district includes all PNB branches in district, PNB CO Faizabad 8127760099 on 09.02.16, Oriental Bank Faizabad 88530-99073 on 08.06.15.

Our work in Farukhabad district includes PNB Farukhabad 8171989391 on 15.05.15, bank of India Fatehgarh 05692-234105 on 06.01.15.

Our work in Firozabad district includes PNB Suhag nagar Firozabad 8171989354 on 29.12.17, PNB Firozabad Main 05612-241039 on 17.11.17, Bank of India Eka 95368-29111 on 28.09.16, Union bank Firozabad 8476002097 on 31.08.16, Bank of Baroda Firozabad 9837562793 on 08.08.16.

Our work in Gorakhpur district includes PNB RCC Gorakhpur on 280519, Union Bank Saunkhor 9678852421 on 280419, PNB Bank road Gorakhpur 9997787260 on 160818, PNB Kunarghat Gorakhpur 80082-25474 on 22.03.17, PNB Urdu bazar Gorakhpur 7054205134 on 03.05.16, SBI padri bazar Gorakhpur 0551-2283928 on 05.02.15.

Our work in hardoi district includes PNB Sadara bazar Hardoi 8171710408 on 12.06.18, all branches of PNB in march 2017, PNB Railwayganj Hardoi 8171710410 on

Our work in Hatharas district includes PNB Mahow 9917935355 on 080818, all branches of Allahabad bank in March 2017, all Syndicate Bank branches in June July 2016, State bank of Patiala Hatharas 05722-233655 on 27.12.14.

Our work in Jaunpur district includes Union Bank Mungra badshahpur 96283-71707 on 25.07.16.

Our work in Jhansi district includes PNB Lohagarh 87567-00326 on 18.04.18, all branches of Allahabad bank in March 2017, PNB Maurnipur 9793237736 on 27.05.16.

Our work in Kanpur district includes Urban Cooperative bank at ordinance factory at Kanpur 9839302653 on 201019, J and K Kanpur 05122319043 on 051218, Central bank Mirpur cantt 87958-19511 on 22.04.16.

BO United bank Chaisla on 17.12.13 0532-2111344.

Our work in Kushinagar district includes Central Bank Inderapur 8303975499 on 260321.

Our work in Lakhimpur kheri district includes all branches of PNB in march 2017, PNB Haiderabad 8171704433 on 04.11.16, PNB Lakhimpur kheri 8171710203 on 02.06.15.

Our work in lalitpur district includes Centrak bank Lalitpur 8795819611 on 060918.

Our work in Lucknow district includes Allahabad Bank FODS Lucknow 9819157021 on 291018, SBI general Insurance Co 0522-6651820 on 12.05.16, PNB Saadatganj Lucknow 8173000163 on 10.02.15, Vijaya bank hazratganj Lucknow on 07.05.14 0522-2611278.

Our work in Maharajganj district includes Union Bank maharajganj 7800003581 on 06.07.16, PNB Maharajganj 05523-223322 on 13.05.16.

Our work in Maipuri district includes PNB sadar bazar Maipuri 63972-29780 on 17.05.18.

Our work in Mathura district includes All branches of Oreintal Bank in Aug Sept month of 2018, PNB Krishnanagar Mathura city 8171989372 on 149718, Oriental Bank Aurangabad Mathura 97562-01579 on 03.01.18, SBI Naujheel 99174-74520 on 02.05.17, SBI Kosi kalan 99174-74507 on 09.05.17, all branches of Allahabad bank in March 2017, all Syndicate bank branches in June July 2016.

Our work in Mau district includes Union bank Ghosi 89577-85948 on 03.02.15, Union Bank branches under Mau district in Oct.-Nov.2013,PNB Doharighat 78979-94921 on 24.12.13,

Our work in Meerut district includes Punjab and Sind Bank GPS Meerut 9758171616 on 191218, PNB Janikhurd Meerut 7060303875 on 02.08.16, Sarva UP Gramin Bank HO Meerut 8191996011 on 30.04.15, SBI sabun godam meerut 8171012270 on 13.03.15.

Our work in Mirzapur district includes PNB civil lines Mirzapur 05442-252352 on 04.08.16.

Our work in Moradabad district includes Central Bank Station road Moradabad 5912329997 on 260321, Bank of Baroda amroha gate Moradabad 8477009417 on 30.05.16, OBC Gajraula 9568008777 on 07.02.15, Allahabad Bank ZO Moradabad 99279-55599 on 12.09.14.

Our work in Muzaffarnagar district includes SBI Datiyana 8171012366 on 18.02.16, PNB Badai kalan 8171979202 on 27.05.15.

Our work in Noida district includes PSB Sec 24 96758-44471 on 07.12.17, PNB Bilaspur 8447884408 on 14.05.15.

Our work in Partapgarh district includes SBI Kunda 94114-30477 on 10.05.18.

Our work in Pilibhit district includes all branches of PNB in march 2017, PNB Pilibhit 8171710316 on 23.03.15.

Our work in Rai bareilly district includes Bank of baroda Unchahar 86018-04380 on 30.06.16.

Our work in Rampur district includes Oriental Bank Rampur 99273-96404 on 05.04.17, Vijaya Bank Rampur 0595-2351308 on 28.05.15.

Our work in Saharanpur district includes Bank of India Rankhandi 01336-249800 on 15.05.15.

Our work in Sambhal district includes PNB Rachhpura 8171997747 on 26.02.16.

Our work in Shehjahanpur district includes PNB katcha katra Shejahanpur 94180-73250 on 04.03.17.

Our work in Shehjahanpur district includes PNB katcha katra Shejahanpur 94180-73250 on 04.03.17.
Our work in Shehjahanpur district includes PNB katcha katra Shejahanpur 94180-73250 on 04.03.17.

Our work in Sidarthnagar district includes PNB SD college Soharthpur 7388702265 on 06.08.16.

Our work in Sitapur district includes The New India Assurance DO 05862-270891 on 13.10.16, Bank of India Kamlapur 9935001520 on 25.05.15.

Our work in Unnao district includes Bank of Baroda Bangar mau 86018-04334 on 18.09.16.

Our work in Varanasi district includes bank of India Mughal sarai 05412-255396 on 16.06.14.


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