Punjab National Bank Latest Reference Work

In PNB, we are authorized by PNB CO North Delhi on 080517, PNB CO Bathinda on 160216, PNB CO Bharatpur on 010813, PNB CO Alwar on 210612, PNB CO Rohtak on 040112.
We are also authorized by PNB CO Gorakhpur on 100810, PNB CO Faizabad on 300713, United Bank RO Chandigarh on 270812, Oriental Bank RO Jaipur on 140212, Oriental Bank RO Bathinda on 210712, Oriental Bank RO Chandigarh on 030512, Oriental Bank RO Karnal on 040212, United Bank HO Kolkata on 261011, Oriental Bank RO Ludhiana on 060611, Oriental Bank RO Lucknow 020811, United Bank RO Patna 270411, Oriental Bank CO Dehradun on 100211, United Bank RO Jorhat on 220910, United Bank RO Bhubneshwar on 090610, PNB CO Gaya on 130110, PNB CO Chandigarh on 070306, PNB CO Shimla on 200402, PNB CO Dharamshala on 260702.

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Our latest work with Punjab National Bank are United Bank Aurangabad Maharshtra 0240-2331905 on 181019, Oriental Bank BO Sharifpura Amritsar Punjab 9815803141 on 241019, Oriental Bank BO Hanumangarh Town Rajashtan 7073460731 on 260919, Oriental Bank BO Rourkela Odisha 06612500599 on 011019, PNB BO Yamunanagar Main Haryana 9053011833 on 060819, PNB PNB BO Kaman D Bharatpur Rajashtan 8440848364 on 280619, RCC Gorakhpur UP 8400335060 on 280519.

Our work with Punjab National Bank in Andhra Pradesh includes PNB BO MVP colony Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 0891-2798092 on 03.02.17.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Assam includes all branches come under CO Guwahati Assam 70860-83953 in Feb 2018.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Bihar are United Bank Nawadih D Banka 7001637952 on 110119, United Bank Radhanagar D Banka 7001637952 on 23.02.18, PNB BO Mejndiya D Gaya 9955993972 on 07.08.16, PNB BO Nimi D Gaya 9955993980 on 06.08.16, PNB BO Laukaha D- Supaul Bihar 7033092075 on 06.05.16, PNB BO Mangwar D- Sahrsa Bihar 9955994087 on 26.02.16, PNB BO Nanauti D – Sahrsa Bihar 9955994090 on 05.02.16, PNB BO Belaunja D- Madhubani 9955994039 on 02.05.15, Branches come under district Gaya on 17.12.13 Mob numbers are 9955993914 9955993935, BO in D-Arra 97714-59423 on 23.12.13,

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Chandigarh includes PNB BO Indl Area Chandigarh 0172-2653474 on 25.08.16.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Chhatisgarh includes PNB BO Khamriya D Mahasumnd 99267-05866 on 08.11.16, PNB BO Budgahan baloda D- Bilaspur 90988-46696 on 12.06.15, PNB BO Mahasamund 8989996641 on 11.02.15, PNB BO Rajgamar D-Korba 9977006151 on 05.02.15.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Gujarat includes United Bank Vadodara 9267224844 on 091018, Oriental Bank BO Bhuj 82387-68644 on 12.09.16.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Haryana are Oriental Bank Indri D Karnal 8930200658 on 050919, PNB BO Yamunanagar Main 9053011833 on 060819, PNB BO Kath Mandi Rohtak 9053084425 on 141018, Oriental Bank Ladwa D Kurukshetra 8930200630 on 170718, PNB BO Jind 9873758341 on 140618, BO Yamunanagar Main 90530-11833 on 12.06.18, PNB BO Alwalpur D palwal 94160-10383 on 21.05.18, PNB BO Bani D Sirsa 90530-45955 on 01.03.18, PNB BO Kallianwali D Sirsa 93533-50600 on 07.03.18, PNB BO Tohana D Fatehabad 90530-45916 on 03.01.18, PNB BO Mallekan D Sirsa 90530-45966 on 20.10.17, Oriental Bank SSI Branch Panipat 8930200647 on 010417, Oriental Bank Cloack tower Bhiwani 01664-242440 on 090217, PNB BO Nagura D Jind 01681-284024 on 17.02.17, PNB BO Hodal D Faridabad 94160-10383 on 14.02.17, PNB BO Sadaura d Yamunanagar 01735-271003 on 07.02.17, PNB BO Nandha D Bhiwani 97298-74537 on 01.11.16, PNB BO sec 14 Gurgaon 98108-09290 on 21.09.16, PNB BO Tehsil camp Panipat 82959-09851 on 06.09.16, PNB BO Siwah D Panipat 82959-09856 on 03.09.16, PNB BO Sisai d Hisar 82959-45949 on 08.09.16, PNB BO ITI Chowk Karnal 0184-2230855 on 07.09.16, Oriental Bank Bahadurgarh D Jhajjar 01276-230415 on 290816, PNB BO Dadri Toe d jhajjar 97298-74547 on 24.08.16, PNB BO Neja dela kalan Sirsa 82958-00844 on 19.07.16, PNB BO Sukhchain D – Sirsa 8295945977 on 05.05.16, PNB BO Durana D- Ambala 9729873832 on 15.04.16, PNB BO Bachuwas D- Mahendergarh 9729874561 on 01.03.16, PNB BO Uklana D- Hissar 01693-235180 on 25.02.16, PNB BO Shahbad Markanda Kurukshetra on 19.06.15, PNB BO Devdhar D-Yamunanagar 97298-74294 on 17.03.15, PNB BO Melwa Maharajganj Faridabad 99716-66787 on 01.02.15, PNB Sec-6 Karnal 0184-2281121 on 09.11.13,

Our work with Punjab National Bank in HP includes PNB BO Rehan D Kangra 01893250026 on 021118, PNB BO Kumarsain D Shimla 9805508908 on 120718, PNB BO Mall road Shimla 98055-14777 on 15.05.18, PNB BO Baddi D Solan 98963-24286 on 17.12.17, PNB BO Nahlian D Hamirpur 01970-251028 on 06.12.17, PNB BO Damtal D Kangra 01893-244189 on 02.11.16, PNB BO Bharmain D – Una HP 9805006258 on 12.02.16, PNB BO Mehre D- Hamirpur 9805006244 on 26.05.15, Oriental Bank Una 9816066575 on 250814, PNB BO Tissa on 28.01.14 82639-03436.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Jharkhand includes Oriental Bank Ranchi Uni Cpmlex Ranchi 0651-2207952 on 21.02.15.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in J and K are PNB BO Canal Raod Jammu 1912582181 on 200918, PNB BO Poonch 9797464793 on 300718, PNB BO Barmeen D Udhampur 9797534240 on 05.03.18, PNB BO Hiranagar D kathua 94192-38374 on 04.04.17, PNB BO Purani mandi Jammu 0191-2543209 on 15.06.15, PNB BO Jammu Cantt. 0191-2452368 on 09.12.13.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Karnatka includes PNB BO Hudson circle Banglore city 080-22120346 on 17.05.16.

Our work with Punjab National Bank in MP includes PNB BO Rewa 8989996541 on 13.06.18, PNB BO Damoh 73547-03799 on 16.04.18, PNB BO Doraha d Sehore 07562-261431 on 18.11.17, PNB BO Garautha D- Jhansi 8756700304 on 14.03.16, PNB BO Indergarh D- datia MP on 21.05.14 89899-97200.

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Our latest work with Punjab National Bank in Maharashtra includes United Bank Aurangabad 0240-2331905 on 181019, Oriental Bank BO Nerul Mumbai 022-27703448 on 18.05.18, PNB BO Amalner D Jalgaon 9337445852 on 29.12.17, PNB BO Kumbhale D Nashik 74474-69366 on 12.05.17, PNB BO Bhusawal D Jalgaon Maharashtra 02582-223517 on 27.06.16.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in New Delhi are PNB BO Lala quarters krishna nagar New Delhi 7982641785 on 020319, PNB BO Kutubgarh New Delhi 8130694663 on 031018, PNB BO Shashtri Nagar New Delhi 8130694684 on 050910, PNB BO Civil lines New Delhi 01123830335 on 110818, PNB BO Sadar Bazar Delhi 84709-39576 on 28.02.18, PNB BO Burari Delhi 98102-61433 on 26.02.18, PNB BO GT Road Azadpur Delhi 88002-73754 on 01.03.18, PNB BO Yamuna Vihar 81306-94693 on 24.02.18, PNB BO Ashok Vihar Delhi 95400-33266 on 17.01.18, PNB BO Krishna Nagar Delhi 011-22092515 on 28.11.17, PNB BO Vijaya Nagar Delhi 72900-70475 on 18.11.17, PNB BO Kamla Nagar Delhi 81306-94633 on 24.11.17, PNB BO Dilshad garden Delhi 81461-41026 on 15.05.17, PNB BO Inderpuri New Delhi 81306-94739 on 08.11.16, PNB BO Azadpur new Delhi 95603-29333 on 18.09.16, PNB BO Malviya Nagar New Delhi 81301-14777 on 22.09.16, PNB BO Shadara new Delhi 8130694679 on 19.08.16, PNB BO Sarita Vihar New Delhi 81306-94839 on 20.12.14.

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Our latest work with Punjab National Bank in Odisha includes Oriental Bank BO Rourkela 06612500599 on 011019, PNB BO Haripur hat D Jajpur 78944-66336 on 25.10.16, PNB BO GT Road Puri D Bhubneshwar 78944-66341 on 09.08.16, United Bank Tirtol D Jagatsinghpur 9937790840 on 210115.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Punjab are Oriental Bank Sharifpura Amritsar 9815803141 on 241019, PNB BO Ghanaur D Patiala 8288022454 on 280219, PNB BO Fatehabad D Tarn taran 7527001765 on 310718, PNB BO Mukandpur D Nawanshahr 8219473102 on 260718, PNB BO Jalalabad west D Ferozpur 8288016150 on 270618, PNB BO Pojewal D Nawanshahr 99148-24371 on 17.05.18, PNB BO Machhiwara D Ludhiana 98885-39315 on 23.05.18, PNB BO Model Town Patiala 0175-5051057 on 84276-96557 on 21.03.18, PNB BO Gwadi D Ludhiana 70870-34056 on 21.03.18, PNB BO Fatehgarh Panjtoor D Moga 70870-34085 on 20.03.18, PNB BO Chetanpura D Amritsar 7527001760 on 23.02.18, PNB BO Bhalla Pind D Amritsar 7527001753 on 28.02.18, PNB BO Mallan D Ludhiana 99156-99367 on 04.01.18, PNB BO GT Road Batala D Gurdaspur 8288007113 on 07.01.18, PNB BO Dadhujot D Gurdaspur 82880-07121 on 12.12.17, PNB BO Uggi D Jalandhar 01821-242226 on 04.12.17.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Rajasthan are Oriental Bank Hanumangarh 7073460731 on 260919, PNB BO Kaman D Bharatpur 8440848364 on 280619, PNB BO new truck stand Jaipur 8003693646 on 201018, PNB BO Didwana D Nagour 8003897831 on 140618, PNB BO Everest colony Jaipur 80036-93621 on 29.11.17, PNB BO Choupsani Jodhpur 80038-97841 on 09.10.17, PNB BO Rarah D Bharatpur 8003898449 on 25.10.16, PNB BO Jhadol D Udaipur 02959-220035 on 14.07.16, PNB BO Bidhukhera D- Churu 8003897224 on 09.03.16, PNB BO Biana D- Bharatpur on 16.06.14 05648-222324, PNB BO Bhiwadi D-Alwar on 13.06.14 01493-222551, PNB BO New Dhan Mandi Raisinghnagar Dist Sriganganagar 01507-220747 on 07.11.13, PNB BO Sagar Road Ajmer 8003897805 on 07.12.13.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in Tamilnadu includes PNB BO Tirupur 7708066529 on 29.03.16.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in UK includes PNB BO Srinagar D Garwal 8171977098 on 23.01.18, PNB BO Haldwani D Nainital 8171998052 on 23.05.17, Oriental Bank Vasant Vihar Dehradun 9411176738 on 060217, PNB BO Ramnagar D Nainital 99171-66444 on 14.02.17, PNB BO upper road Hardiwar 8171977059 on 19.01.17, PNB BO Trishulla D Chamoli 9557999668 on 22.12.16, PNB BO Ahmedpur Hardiwar UK 01334-222086 on 17.07.16, Oriental Bank BO Rishikesh D- Dehradun UK 0135-2439013 on 15.02.16, Branches come under Oriental Bank RO Dehradun during July 2014.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in UP are PNB RCC Gorakhpur 8400335060 on 280519, PNB BO Kahla D Deoria 7897411651 on 010319, All branches come under CO Agra UP in Sept Oct 2018, PNB BO Bank Road Gorakhpur 9997787260 on 160818, PNB BO Mahow D Hathras 9917935355 on 080818, PNB BO Kamla nagar Agra 8171989325 on 260718, PNB BO Sabatganj Etawah 9411914818 on 100718, PNB BO Krishnanagar Mathura 8171989372 on 140718, All branches of Oriental Bank come under RO Agra in Aug Sept month of 2018, PNB BO sarafa bazar badaun UP 8171710342 on 11.06.18, PNB BO Sadar bazar Hardoi UP 8171710408 on 12.06.18, PNB BO Sadar bazar Mainpuri 63972-29780 on 19.05.18, PNB BO Sanautha D Bulandhshahr 81711-13738 on 21.05.18, PNB BO Vijay nagar Agra D Agra 72528-58500 on 27.02.18, PNB BO MG Road Hardoi 8171710256 on 25.01.18, PNB BO Wazirganj D badaun 8171710406 on 29.12.17, PNB BO Suhag nagar Firozabad 8171989354 on 29.12.17, United Bank Bareilly 7407254771 on 191217, PNB BO Pakari bazar D Sidharthnagar 8400335099 on 12.12.17, PNB BO Gopinathpur D Basti 7755809911 on 13.12.17, PNB BO Kakrala D Badaun 8171710372 on 14.12.17, PNB BO Daresi no 2 Agra 8171989314 on 29.11.17, PNB BO Firozabad 05612-241039 on 17.11.17, PNB BO Kunarghat Gorakhpur 80082-25474 on 22.03.17, PNB BO kacha katra Shehjahanpur 94180-73250 on 04.03.17, PNB BO Deoria 7607001577 on 15.03.17, PNB BO Jhalu D Bijnor 8171589938 on 27.01.17, All branches come under CO Bareilly in March 2017, PNB BO Hira singh Market Bharaich 91635-49111 on 21.12.16, PNB BO Haiderabad D Lakhimpur kheri 8171704433 on 04.11.16, PNB BO Railway ganj Hardoi UP 8171710410 on 17.10.16, PNB BO Gadwal chauraha D Ambedkarnagar 95998-19207 on 24.09.16, PNB BO Rudian D Badaun 94100-21986 on 23.09.16. PNB BO Godha D Aligarh 89369-30182 on 12.08.16, PNB BO SD college Soharthpur D Sidarthnagar 7388702265 on 06.08.16, PNB BO civil lines Mirzapur 05442-252352 on 04.08.16, PNB BO janikhurd Meerut 7060303875 on 02.08.16, PNB BO Izzat Nagar Bareilly 8171710232 on 08.07.16, all branches of PNB come under circle office Gorakhpur UP and Faizabad UP during May June 2016, PNB BO Urdu bazar Gorakhpur UP 70542-05134 on 03.05.16, PNB BO Maurnipur D Jhansi UP 9793237736 on 27.05.16, PNB BO Civil lines Bareilly UP 8171710209 on 06.05.16, PNB BO Basti UP 7388702212 on 05.05.16, PNB BO Racchpura D -Sambhal UP 8171997747 on 26.02.16, PNB CO Faizabad UP 8127760099 on 09.02.16.

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Our work with Punjab National Bank in West Bengal are United Bank BO Ariadaha D Kolkata 7384413020 on 230119, United Bank BO Sankrail D Howrah WB 033-26790765 on 29.04.17, United Bank BO Umarpur D Murshidabad 94345-25949 on 04.08.16, United Bank BO Rathtala Kolkatta 033-25534870 on 08.07.16, United Bank BO MTPS Mejia D- Bankura 03241-262302 on 19.06.16, PNB BO IIT Kharagpur D Purb Midnapore 0322-2220002 on 17.06.16, PNB BO Santore D- Bankura 9434088267 on 22.04.17, PNB BO Panna D- 24 south paraganas West Bengal 90077-43033 on 23.02.16, United Bank BO Kharagpur D – pashim Midnapore West Bengal 81590-82784 on 05.05.15, PNB BO Kumbhira D- Malda 85840-56617 on 26.11.13.


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